phpbbseo/usu and recent topics

Обсуждаем новейшую версию движка и всё, что её касается.
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phpbbseo/usu and recent topics

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Hopefully there aren't any problems with me posting in English, as I relied on Google translate to read this site. I got here trying to get recenttopics to work with phpbbseo/usu on phpbb 3.2

Thanks to shredder's work, I made a modification to the most current recenttopics that works with phpbb 3.2 and I made some edits to get it mostly working. I've never posted to github before, but here is the repository for the version I made - the only change from recenttopics is the core/recenttopics.php file but I wasn't able to attach it to this post.

I have a test site here:

I think the only feature that isn't working properly is the forum link at the bottom and possibly the latest post in that forum (I'd rather it go to the seo url than to the post.html# url.

I really don't know php, so all that was able to do is merge the changes shredder made in the 3.1 version of recent topics along with the 3.2 version of recenttopics.

Any feedback or additional help to make the extension better is appreciated.

Thank you shredder for the modification you made. I've been waiting to upgrade from 3.0.x until I could get a recenttopics version working with 3.1 or now 3.2

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I don't know how to use github. I made a fork of the 3.2 version of recent topics and then uploaded my new core/recenttopics.php file, but it isn't showing. I don't want to submit the changes to the original version as they won't work without phpbbseo/usu

so here is a link that should get you to see the changes I made.
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phpbbseo/usu and recent topics

Сообщение Shredder »

Sorry but I do not support anymore SEO USU because author of phpbb-seo abandoned it and his site is dead. Currently USU is not working properly for phpBB 3.2. Advantage of using USU was small but handling was hard

Here is the last version of "recent topics + USU" fix for phpBB 3.1, if it helps for your development...

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1. SEE the rewrite rules for migration from SEO-links to default phpbb links: ... -t242.html
2. There is other SEO extension helping avoid duplicates:
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phpbbseo/usu and recent topics

Сообщение Rick_m71 »

It looks like you are in the same situation as me with sticking with phpbb 3.0.x with phpbb seo modifications and advanced url rewriting. I want to upgrade my forums to 3.2 but keep the URL structures as they are well indexed and rank well in the search engines.

I'm worried my 3.0.x version will not get any more security updates. I also like the better spam protection and responsive theme of 3.1/3.2

Usu almost works with 3.2 without changes. There is only one small change between 3.1 and 3.2 that causes problems. I just had to upload one file from 3.1 and it seems to work perfectly.